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Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School


Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School

Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School

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Game Summary

3 months ago

Girls Tennis Drops Season Opener to Hanover

Game Date
Mar 15, 2019

The WAHS Girls Tennis team dropped their season-opening match at home Friday night to two-time defending Class 4 champion Hanover, 8-1. 

"Despite the loss, we are happy to be playing!" said Western head coach Ellen Markowitz. "We had a lot of good tennis, along with some nerves, as it was our opening night. 

"Hanover is a very strong team, and we appreciate the opportunity to challenge ourselves and get better by playing them. Last year they beat us handily, so it was a positive that we had many competitive matches."

Senior Sarah Inman got the lone point for the Warriors, grinding her way to an 11-9 win on Court 4 after trailing 1-4 early. The Warriors were edged out on Courts 2, 3, and 6, with newcomer Austin Winslow narrowly dropping a tiebreaker on Court 2, and Stephanie Hass on Court 3 and Sarah Randolph Warren on Court 6 coming oh-so-close as well.  

"We have a lot to build on from tonight, and we will keep moving forward," added Markowitz.

The Warriors are back in action with another non-district home match on Friday, March 22 against James Monroe. The Yellow Jackets were state runners-up in Class 3 last season.  Match time is 5:00 pm at the Western Albemarle courts.

Hanover 8 Western Albemarle 1  -- Friday, March 15, 2019 -- Western Albemarle High School Tennis Courts


1. Raine Weis/Madison Moore (HHS) def. Corinne Jennings/Austin Winslow (WAHS), 10-4
2. Georgia Temple/Alexandra Meyers (HHS) def. Stephanie Hass/Jenny Little (WAHS), 10-3
3. Nina Violi/Kaylee Moore (HHS) def. Sarah Randolph Warren/Maya Kelly (WAHS), 10-8


1. Raine Weis (HHS) def. Corinne Jennings (WAHS), 10-2
2. Madison Moore (HHS) def. Austin Winslow (WAHS), 11-10 (7-5)
3. Georgia Temple (HHS) def. Stephanie Hass (WAHS), 10-8
4. Sarah Inman (WAHS) def. Alexandra Meyers (HHS), 11-9
5. Nina Violi (HHS) def. Jenny Little (WAHS), 10-1
6. Kaylee Moore (HHS) def. Sarah Randolph Warren (WAHS), 10-7

Order of Finish: 5-1-2-6-3-4

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