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Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School


Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School

Warriors Athletics

Western Albemarle High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 4:07PM

Outdoor Track and Field Banquet Scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 PM

The Outdoor Track and Field Banquet is now scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 PM.   The banquet wil take place in the WAHS cafeteria.  Please bring a dish to share.  We will have an awards ceremony and talk about the season after everyone has had the opportunity to eat.

Team News

8 months ago @ 1:42PM

State Championship Completion - Polevault at Lynchburg College

The Polevault competition for the State Track and Field Championship will take place at Lynchburg College tomorrow (Wednesday, June 6).  Team members that have completed all coursework that want to go support the vaulters should be at WAHS by 9:20 for a bus departure time of 9:30 AM.  The competition should begin around noon with the 4A Girls competing first.

Team News

8 months ago @ 5:43PM

End of Season Banquet Postponed

Since the state meet will not be over until at least Sunday, the outdoor track and field banquet has been postponed until further notice.

Team News

8 months ago @ 5:05PM

State Championship Time Schedule




Harrisonburg High School -- Harrisonburg, Virginia    (Friday, June 1st and Saturday June 2nd)

Admission –Friday, $10.00, Saturday, $10.00


FRIDAY, June 1at

                                                                                Evening Session

3:00        Earliest Possible Arrival on Campus at Harrisonburg High School

3:00        Team packets distributed and Coaches distribute #’s to Athletes

3:30        Athletes/coaches gate opened

3:30        Shot & Discus certification and implement, weigh-ins at this time (report to the storage building by the Shot Put Circle.  Pole Vaulters report to the Field House next to the Pole Vault Pit.

4:00        Coaches’ meeting (Harrisonburg High School Gym)


                                                                                Field Events

5:00        Girls Discus - 3A/4A

                Boys Shot - 4A/3A

5:30        Boys Pole Vault - 3A/4A

                Girls High Jump - 4A/3A

                Girls Triple Jump - 3A/4A

                Boys Triple Jump - 4A/3A

                                                                                Running Events


6:00        Girls – 100M Hurdle Trials – 3A/4A                                7:20        Girls – 4 x 800 M Relay (Sections-) -  3A/4A

6:20        Boys – 110M Hurdle Trials – 3A/4A                               7:50        Boys – 4 x 800 M Relay (Sections) – 3A/4A

6:40        Girls – 100M Dash Trials – 3A/4A                                   8:20        Girls – 200 M Dash Trials – 3A/4A

7:00        Boys – 100M Dash Trials – 3A/4A                                  8:40        Boys – 200 M Dash Trials – 3A/4A

                                                                  9:00 - Approximate Conclusion


                                                                                Field Events

8:15        Implement certification/weigh-in (report to the storage shed by the Shot Put Circle)

              Pole Vaulters report to the Field House next to the Pole Vault Pit


9:30        Girls Long Jump - 3A/4A

                Boys Long Jump – 4A/3A

                Boys High Jump – 3A/4A

                Girls Pole Vault – 3A/4A

                Boys Discus – 3A/4A

                Girls Shot – 4A/3A

                                                                                Running Events

  9:00      Girls – 3200 M Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A                                      

  9:30      Boys – 3200 M Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A                                

10:00      Time used as Needed


10:50      NATIONAL ANTHEM                                    

11:00     Girls – 100 M Hurdle Finals – 3A/4A                                            1:45          Girls – 300 M Low Hurdle Finals – 3A/4A

11:10     Boys – 110 M Hurdle Finals – 3A/4A                                             2:05        Boys – 300 M Intermediate Hurdle Finals – 3A/4A

11:20     Girls -      100 M Dash Finals – 3A/4A                                              2:25        Girls – 800 M Run Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A

11:30     Boys -    100 M Dash Finals – 3A/4A                                              2:45        Boys – 800 M Run Finals (Sections) - 3A/4A

11:40     Girls – 1600 M Run Finals – 3A/4A                                 3:05        Girls – 200 M Dash finals – 3A/4A

12:05     Boys – 1600 M Run Finals – 3A/4A                                               3:15        Boys – 200 M Dash finals – 3A/4A

12:30     Girls – 4 x 100 M Relay Finals – 3A/4A                                         3:25        Break/Awards & Graduation

12:45     Boys – 4 x 100 M Relay Finals – 3A/4A                                        3:55        Girls – 4 x 400 M Relay Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A

  1:05      Girls – 400 M Dash Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A                               4:10        Boys – 4 x 400 M Relay Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A      

  1:25      Boys – 400 M Dash Finals (Sections) – 3A/4A                             4:25        Final Awards/Trophies/Results – 3A/4A          


Note – Field events are arranged so that Throws & Horizontal jumps coaches do not have to go back and forth between pits/circles if they have both genders competing

Team News

8 months ago @ 5:08PM

Outdoor Track and Field End of Season Banquet

The end of season banquet for the Outdoor Track and Field teams will be Sunday, June 3 in the WAHS cafeteria at 2:00 PM.  Please bring a dish to share.

Team News

10 months ago @ 7:34PM

2018 Outdoor T&F Schedule

2018 Outdoor Track & Field Schedule

Apr       7        Woodberry Forest Invitational   

            11       Monticello and Charlottesville at Albemarle High School  

            14       Gus Lacy Track Classic at FUMA

            18       Charlottesville and Fluvanna at Louisa County High School

            21       Joe Curcio Track Classic 

            25       H’burg – Rockingham City / County Extended at JMU               

May    2         Jefferson District at Louisa

                       Harrisonburg JV Invitational at Harrisonburg High School

            4-5      Dogwood at UVA

              9        Ragged Mountain Middle School Meet at UVA        

            11       Fluvanna Invitational, Southern Track Classic

            16       Fluvanna-Monticello-WAHS Region Qualifying Meet at Fluvanna    

            23       Region 3C at Monticello

June   1-2      State 3A

Team News

10 months ago @ 9:35AM

Dogwood Volunteer SignUpGenius

The Western Albemarle High School Track and Field team co-hosts the Dogwood Track Classic.  The Dogwood Track Classic is one of the best meets on the east coast, and is the team's biggest fund raiser.  This year's SignUpGenius webpage is now up online for volunteers to sign up.  This allows us to know who has signed up and what jobs need to be filled.  Please visit the SignUpGenius page at your earliest convenience to sign up to help.  Thank you, and we will see you soon at the upcoming meets!

Team News

10 months ago @ 12:13AM

City-County Invitational at the JMU T&F Facility at Sentara Park on April 25

1855 Performance Dr, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

ADA parking is in Lot U4 and those spectators can pay to enter the facility at this entrance.

There will be a golf cart available to transport those spectators needing assistance getting to the facility. 

Spectator parking will be in Lot U5 located off of Port Republic Road.  Please note that there is an entrance at Kelsey Lane but it is for facility management and it will be blocked off on meet day.  There is a gate at the bottom of the parking lot where spectators can enter the facility.  Overflow parking is available in Event Parking Lots U1, U2, and U3 and they are accessed via Devon Lane ~ just past Event Parking Lot U5.  There is sidewalk access from these lots to the Athletic Gate House and spectators can purchase tickets there to enter the facility

Admission for spectators is $5 (pre-school age children are free).  If a spectator leaves the facility they must pay again to re-enter.  Also, spectators may not bring outside food, drinks, and/or a cooler into the facility.  (For example:  there are several restaurants across the street from the facility and if a spectator stopped there, bought food, and brought it with them to the entrance gate, they would not be allowed to enter with the purchased food).  Concessions will be available through Aramark and this policy (no outside food/drink/coolers) is in the contract they have with JMU.  Student athletes are able to bring in their water bottles and a limited amounts of personal snacks.  


Team News

10 months ago @ 11:17PM

Harrisonburg JV Invitational added to the schedule on May 2

The Harrisonburg JV Invitational has been added to the schedule on May 2.   It is on the same day as the Jefferson District Championship, so the Varsity Team will travel to Louisa and the JV team will travel to Harrisonburg.

Team News

10 months ago @ 11:06PM

Joe Curcio Track Classic Information

Joe Curcio Track Classic
Bus Departure 7:00 AM
Meet Information 

Admission: Spectator admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students.

Tentative Time Schedule
Coaches meeting, 8:30 am, at finish line
Running Events

9:00 am Girls 3200m
9:35 am Boys 3200m
10:05 am Girls 4x800m
10:20 pm Boys 4x800m
10:40 pm Girls 100m Hurdles
11:05 pm Boys 110m Hurdles
11:30 pm Girls 100m
11:50 pm Boys 100m
12:15 pm Girls 1600m
12:45 pm Boys 1600m
1:20pm Girls 4x100m
1:30 pm Boys 4x100m
1:45 pm Girls 400m
2:05 pm Boys 400m
2:30 pm Girls 300m Hurdles
2:55 pm Boys 300m Hurdles

3:20 pm Girls 800m
3:45 pm Boys 800m
4:10 pm Girls 200m
4:35 pm Boys 200m

4:50 pm Girls DMR
5:10 pm Boys DMR
5:25 pm Girls 4x400m
5:45 pm Boys 4x400m

Field Events:Implement Weigh-in @ 8:30-11:30
9:00 AM Boys Discus
9:00 AM Girls Shot Put
9:00 AM Boys Long Jump
9:00 AM Girls Long Jump
9:00 AM Girls High Jump
9;00 AM Girls Pole Vault followed by Boys 

~11:30 PM Boys Shot Put
~11:30 PM Girls Discus Throw
~11:30 PM Girls Triple Jump
~11:30 PM Boys Triple Jump
~12:15 AM Boys High Jump
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