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Warriors Athletics

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Warriors Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 5:53PM

Unbroken - Cyrus Rody-Ramazani
Cyrus' Freshman Year at Blacksburg Invitational

Award Video

Award Ceremony Talk for Cyrus Rody-Ramazani

This award is to honor one of the best people I have known.  The words I speak here will pale in comparison to the person I am describing.
He is a superb student and an excellent athlete, but this award is for qualities well beyond that. 
The coaching staff wanted the name of this award to be something completely unique to Western Albemarle Cross Country. 
A few awards we have given in the past somewhat describe this persons’ contribution to the team:
Coaches Award - He definitely fits the qualities of what a coach wants in an athlete - if there was such a thing as fantasy high school cross country, you would want him at the top of your roster.
Warrior Award - In the worst conditions you would be comforted having him by your side and knowing he has your back.
No award we have given in the past really captures his spirit or his trials and tribulations.
We wanted an award name that was unique and instantly recognizable by most everyone.
The award name we decided on is UNBROKEN in honor of Louie Zamperini, the Olympic athlete and WWII veteran whose life the novel and subsequent movie UNBROKEN was based on.

We will certainly miss his talent, but more importantly, we will miss having such a good person around each day

He has had a litany of injuries - I once said to him, you must be feeling a little bit like Job.
I am not going to enumerate all the injuries, but to give you an idea, he was once wearing a boot to help a stress fracture heal when he slipped descending a flight of stairs and broke his ankle inside the boot he was wearing for the healing stress fracture.
You might be thinking “what a klutz,” but he is far from a klutz.

In this day of selfies and endless self promotion, what I call the ME time period, he is selfless.
While healing injuries he has come to almost every Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track meet over the last three years.

You might be thinking that he should be supporting his teammates.  What you may not understand is the length of an Indoor or an Outdoor Track and Field meet – the 18 inning game 3 of the 2018 World Series would seem short in comparison.

Almost anyone else would have walked away in the frustration of dealing with the repeated setbacks.
His sophomore year he was ranked the top runner in the area for the healthy first half of his season and yet it has never been about him. It has always been about the team. 

Each year from his Freshman through Junior seasons he missed the second half of the season.
He trained on the elliptical machine like a man possessed and then competed at the State Championship.
We always know we want him toeing the line for us at the State Championship - it is just comforting and confidence boosting for his teammates to have him in the race with them.

For example, in his freshman year after not racing for five weeks, he finished as our fourth man at the State Championship.
For a freshman to run like a tough, smart veteran in the biggest meet of the year is special, not to mention a freshman that has not raced for over a month.
We won by a mere four points.
It was definitely a team effort, but we would not have won without him that day.

We won another state championship his junior year.

This year we had Cyrus build into competition slowly.
We sat him out of a big midseason meet with calf pain knowing the State Championship was much more important  - in that midseason meet we suffered our only loss of the fall.

Last Saturday he finished third in the State Championship, helping the team win an unequaled third state championship for Boys Cross Country in four years.

It is an honor to coach him and a privilege to award him the title of UNBROKEN.

Cyrus Rody-Ramazani.

Team News

5 months ago @ 4:33PM

2018 State 3A Cross Country Champions


The Warriors won their second straight VHSL 3A Cross Country Championship sweeping the first four places. The team scored 21 points with runner up Christiansburg scoring 99 and Cave Spring finishing third with 113 points.   Joe Hawkes won the individual championship with teammates Jack Eliason, Cyrus Rody-Ramazani, and Joseph Taylor taking the next three positions respectively.  Will Bonner also earned individual state honors placing thirteenth.  Stuart Terrill and Thomas Kallen ran solid races in support of their teammates.  In the dismal weather the team lit up the day staying positive executing the race plan.

Team News

5 months ago @ 9:19PM

Warrior Harriers Win Region Championship


The team scored 18 points to outdistance second and third place team finishers Spotswood with 68 points and Fort Defiance with 71 points.

Joe Hawkes won the Individual Region Championship followed closely by teammate Jack Eliason in the runner-up position.  Cyrus Rody-Ramazani finished third, Joseph Taylor fourth and Will Bonner completed the team scoring in seventh.  Stuart Terrill and Thomas Kallen helped create a larger margin of victory finishing 17th and 19th respectively.

The team returns to action on November 9th at 12:30 PM at the State 3A Championship at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia.

Team News

5 months ago @ 7:53PM

Practice Times for Friday, Monday and Tuesday

The Boys Cross Country team will practice tomorrow at 3 PM, instead of in the AM.

Monday and Tuesday practice times will be 11:45 AM.

All three of these practices will be held at WAHS.

Team News

5 months ago @ 5:05PM

Boy's Cross Country Dinner for the Fall Sports Awards Program

The Fall Sports Award Program will be held Tuesday, November 13, 6:30 snacks and drinks, 7:00 program begins.  The Boy's Cross Country team will be celebrating the season at this time.   

Since most of the Boy's Cross Country team will be practicing that day for Indoor Track and Field, Anne Eliason, Jack's mother, is organizing a dinner for the team before the program.

You can go to the Sign Up Genius link to sign up to help with the meal preparations.

Sign Up Genius

Team News

5 months ago @ 10:59PM

Jefferson District Champions


The Warriors went 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 to earn a decisive win at the Jefferson District Cross Country Championship.  The team scored 19 to outdistance runner up Louisa by 56 points.  Joe Hawkes earned the individual title edging out teammate Jack Eliason 15:48 to 15:51.  Joseph Taylor and Cyrus Rody-Ramazani  ran 16:18 and 16:19 to place 3rd and 4th.  Will Bonner completed the scoring with a 16:59 9th place finish on the 5K course at Pleasant Grove Park in Palmyra.

The JV team also had a standout performance earning the team championship  23-44 over second place Albemarle.  The team earned earned the victory with a 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 finishing order of Thomas Kallen (17:27), Jack Vigilante (17:55), Cam Wood (18:01), Cohen King (18:48), Colby Acton (18:48) and Luke Strobach (18:48).

The Warriors travel back to Pleasant Grove Park for the Region 3A - C on November 1:

Team News

5 months ago @ 10:36AM

Jefferson District Championship Information

Jefferson District Cross Country Championship Meet 2018


Date of Meet: Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Site of Meet: Pleasant Grove XC Course, Palmyra, VA

Time Schedule:

12:30                  Bus departs WAHS

1:00                 Course opens

3:00                 Girls Championship Meet

3:45                 Boys Championship Meet (Top seven race)

4:15                 Girls Open Race

5:00                 Boys Open Race (All that did not race at 3:45)

5:45                 Awards

7:15                 Estimated bus arrival back at WAHS


Team News

6 months ago @ 7:31PM

Joe Hawkes and Jack Eliason finish 1,2 as the Team finishes 5th at the Albemarle Invitational

Joe Hawkes wins the Albemarle Invitational 5K in 15:39, as Jack Eliason finishes second in 15:44.  The team finishes 5th in a field of 33 teams with a score of 168.  Joseph Taylor finishing 25th in 16:49, Stuart Terrill 47th in 17:20, and Thomas Gathright finishing 100th in 18:08 completed the scoring for the Warriors.  Oakton earned the team victory with 86 points.  The team returns to action on October 24 at Pleasant Grove Park in Palmyra for the Jefferson District Championship.

Team News

6 months ago @ 6:40AM

VTCA Invitational Champions


The team swept the team championship in all three divisions at the Virginia Track Coaches Association Invitational at Pocahontas State Park.  The Varisty A Squad scored a 10 point victory over second place Deep Run in a field of 14 teams.  the Varsity B Squad outdistanced runnerup Maggie  Walker by 46 points in a field of 10 teams, and the JV team also pulled off a 46 point victory over second place Maggie Walker in a field of 12 teams.

In the A race the team was led by a 1, 2 finish by Joe Hawkes, and Jack Eliason completing the 5K course in 15:28 and 15:29.  Also finishing in the top 15 were Cyrus Rody-Ramazani, (10th, 16:21) and Joe Taylor (14th, 16:38).  In the B race the team placed 5 runners in the top 10 with Thomas Kallen finishing second in a time of 17:32.   Thomas was followed by Jack Vigilante 4th, Thomas Gathright 5th, Eric Wilson 9th and Cam Wood 10th.  In the JV race the team packed 6 runners in the top 15.  The team was led by individual champion Cohen King (18:28), followed by Colby Acton (3rd), Luke Strobach (5th),  Jack Burr (8th), Jonathan Kumer (9th) and Jake Greenstein 13th. 

The team will next be in action at the Albemarle Invitational on October 13 at Panorama Farms in Earlysville.

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:19AM

2018 Boys Cross Country Schedule

2018 Boys Cross Country Schedule


Sept    5          Ragged Mountain Cup      Panorama Farms                5 PM              All   with enough practice time

Sept    12       City/County Meet              Darden Towe Park             5 PM              All with enough practice time

Sept   22        Fork Union Invitational    Fork Union Military           9 AM              All with enough practice time

Sept 25          PCHS, OCHS, CHS               Powhattan High School    5 PM              Most

Sept 29          VTCA Invitational               Pocahontas State Park     9:30 AM        15-20

Oct   13         Albemarle Invitational      Panorama Farms                1 PM              All                  

Oct   24         Jefferson District                Pleasant Grove Park          3 PM              All

Nov    1          Region 3 C Championship   Pleasant Grove Park      3 PM              Top 10          

Nov    9          State Championship          Great Meadow                   TBA *             Top 7 (Top 10 Travel)

                                                                                                         * Probably around 12:30

Team News

6 months ago @ 12:28PM

Boys Win The Fork Union Invitational

The Boys Cross Country team had a strong showing at the Fork Union Invitational on Saturday.  The Varsity A team won with a 6 point margin of victory over Oakton and Albemarle in a field of 29 teams.  The Varsity B team finished 3rd in a field of 35 teams, and the JV team finished 2nd in a field of 7 teams.

The A team was led by a 1, 2, 6 finish by Joe Hawkes (16:06), Jack Eliason (16:09) and Cyrus Rody-Ramazani (16:50).  The supporting team members in the A race were Chase Rimel (17:53), Will Bonner (17:57) and Stuart Terrill (18:11).

The B team was led by a 7, 9, 11,13 finish by Cam Wood (18:26), Jack Vigilante (18:36), Thomas Gathright (18:42), and Thomas Kallen (18:57).

On the 2.2 mile course, the JV team was led by a 1, 4, 6 finish by Jack Burr (13:28), Jonathan Kumer (13:53), and Luke Strobach (14:00).

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:52PM

City/County Victory

The team took 8 of the top nine places in  scoring 17 points to outdistance second place Monticello by 36 points.  Joe Hawkes, Jack Eliason, and Cyrus Rody-Ramazani went 1,2,3 in giving the Western Harriers a strong showing up front.  The team packed it in well from there, putting 15 in the top 23.

WAHS 17, MHS  53,  CHS  90, AHS 91



8 WILL BONNER 18:36, 9 JACK VIGILANTE 18:48, 12 CAM WOOD 19:18


19 ERIC WILSON 20:46,23 COLBY ACTON 20:47, 43 CHRIS MILLER 22:59


Team News

7 months ago @ 6:31PM

WAHS Harriers Start the Season with a Victory at the Ragged Mountain Cup Relays


The 2018 Season is under way with a strong showing at the Ragged Mountain Cup 4 x 2 mile relay.  The top relay team of Joseph Taylor, Jack Eliason, Stuart Terrill and Joe Hawkes (41:46) won with a 30 second victory over second place Albemarle.  Woodberry Forest finished in 43:29.  Finishing fourth for the day was the relay team of Chase Rimel, Thomas Kallen, Jack Vigilante, and Will Bonner.  This fourth place finish was a hard fought battle with Albemarle, with the Warriors finishing in 44:37, 2 seconds ahead of Albemarle.  The Warriors also finished in 11th and 16th place out of 31 local relay teams competing in the race.  The Warriors 11th place team of Thomas Gathright, Eric Wilson, Cam Wood, and Colby Acton stopped the clock at 47:45.  The team of Chris Miller, Cohen King, Collin Castrina, and Cyrus Rody-Ramazani finished at 49:14.

Individually the Warriors had the fastest three times on the day with Hawkes (9:53), Eliason (10:09), and Taylor (10:26). Cyrus Rody-Ramazani finished with the ninth fastest time of the day in 10:42.

The young harriers also had a strong showing in the Open Race of 2200 meters.  Jack Burr (7:55) and Jonathan Kumer (8:05) completed the race in 2nd and 4th positions.


Team News

7 months ago @ 2:23PM

Sign Up Genius for XC Post Meet Refreshments

Please use the sign up genius to sign up when your class is responsible for refreshments.

Team News

8 months ago @ 1:22PM

Sign Up For Communication

To all parents and athletes:

As coaches it's important for us to have a variety of means through which to contact you. Some information will be posted here throughout the season, whereas other information will best be conveyed via direct individual communication. To help us communicate as effectively as possible, please complete all three steps below.

Thank you!

 - Go to and sign up to receive email/text blasts from boys cross country.

 - Fill out the short GoogleForm here.

 - Read through the team packet here. Print (or get a hard copy from a coach) and sign the final page and return to a coach. 

Team News

6 months ago @ 1:28PM

Fork Union Invitational Information

Bus departure from WAHS at 7:00 AM

If you do not ride the bus, your parents should have you at the course 1 1/2 hours before your race.

Race Times

Colonial Race - 9:30 "A" Team - 7 runners

Patriot Race - 10:30 "B" Team -- 11 runners

Sabre Race (2 miles) - 11:00 - 15 runners

Awards 11:30

Estimated Bus Arrival Time back at WAHS 1:30 PM

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:17PM

Panorama Farms Saturday Morning Team Run

The team will meet at Panorama Farms on Saturday August 25 for a team run to go over the Ragged Mountain Cup course.  We will meet at 8:00 AM.

Directions From WAHS: (20 Miles)

Panorama Farms Take Rt. 250 East to Owensville Rd. Take Owensville to Garth Rd. Turn right and then left on Free Union Rd. Go right on Woodlands to left on Earlysville Rd. at the Reservoir.  Take a left on Panorama Rd. Go to the end of the Road.Parking is to the left, the start of the course is down the road (20 Miles).

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:51AM

Volunteer Help With the Women's 4 Miler

The WAHS CC teams will be providing volunteer help for the Charlottesville Women's 4 Miler tomorrow, September 1. Our duties are to help on the West end of the course (between Foxfield and Garth Road).  We do hope that all of our athletes that are in town will be able to volunteer to help.  The easiest place to park/drop off is Liberty Hall Lane (about 1/2 mile east of the intersection of Owensville and Garth Roads, at the top of the hill).  You should get to Liberty Hall Lane by 7:20 AM.  The race portion of Garth Road will close down at 7:30.  If you are parking and volunteering for race help, turn onto Liberty Hall Lane and follow the directional arrows to the parking.  Unless you are running in the 4 Miler DO NOT turn into Foxfield to drop off a volunteer.  Once a car pulls into Foxfield Saturday morning it will not be allowed to leave until the race event is over.  For any team member that wants a group to run with after the 4 Miler, there will be a group going to run afterward.  The starting place for the run will likely be at the intersection of Ridge and Garth Roads (about 2 miles west of Liberty Hall Lane).
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